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Mercedes S-Class BridgeMercdes S600 Close-upMercedes S Interiormercedes s interior wireMercedes W111 SideMercedes W111Mercedes W111 Frontw111 wireMercedes S Millau Fronts600 wireHandling VesselNokia N90MQ-9 Reaper closeupMQ-9 Reaper BottomMQ-9 ReaperMQ-9 wireBurj KhalifaBurj Khalifa 2Sukhoi T50 PakT50 PAK wireSnowmobilesnowmobile wireJango BikeGM Pixomondo1GM Pixomondo2Hell Spawnfuture concept car

Demo Reel

Ali Ismail Demo Reel from Ali Ismail on vimeo.

Download (you can download through Vimeo as well)
Ali Ismail Demo reel
1920x1080p H264 MP4 68 MB


Ali Ismail experience in working on a variety of projects from Hollywood blockbusters while at ILM such as "Indiana Jones" and "Iron man" to ground-breaking next-gen games with LucasArts "Star Wars the force unleashed" and a variety of high-end commercials, CG Images and animations for studios and clients ranging from General Motors to Volkswagen would be a great help in providing your studio or agency with your project needs and delivering high quality imagery and animation.

Ali continues to work as a freelance digital artist collaborating with a multitude of artists and studios around the world under the banner of Ebal Studios.

Skilled in modeling, texturing, Lighting and compositing being quite versed in all aspects of an animation production pipeline using tools from 3dsmax to maya to Zbursh, rendering with VRay and compositing using Nuke could prove to be a valuable asset in your projects and in creating stunning visuals.


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